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My chameleon is 9 weeks old and he hissed at me today for the first time since i had him. he was very angry with me for trying to get him then he got even madder when he saw the camera..

my 10 month old that i have had for 4 months hissed at me the other day for the first time in 4 months!!! i was very surprised but i think it was just he got stardled cause i can pick him up finen ow i think they just get scared
I think that chameleons hissing is a sign of a healthy chameleon. Chameleons don't really like to be handled. At least that's what I read before lol.
Ya I know they dont but when you have an escape artist on your hands you have to handle him to get him off the side of the cage,!!!!! This morning I had to get him off the side and that is the first time he hissed at me. So cute!!!
Get use to the hissing. It will stop being cute once he bites the crap out of you for the first time. An adult male veiled can inflict quite a painful bite assuming he is healthy. Remember this as your first instinct will be to react. You need to just stand there and take it so you will not injure him. Some owners of them have never been bitten or will try to play it down. I honestly think the veiled aggression is another reason I would recommend them for a beginner. In their own way they make you respect the chameleon way. Personallity plays a role but when a veiled has had enough crap they will usually let you know.
calvin gets mad at me when i try to feed him to early in the morning he likes to his and expand his throught but other than early morning he is a shy little guy.(not a morning person lol)
Often when people see my chameleon they ask if they can hold him. Rather than just saying no, I turn up the volume on the big screen TV and show them this video and tell them that he does bite sometimes and ask them if they still want to hold him, the answer is inevitably "no thanks". LOL
The truth is he is generally quite comfortable being held once he's out of the cage,,,, but he HATES the camera.
mine hates the camera too

whenever you go near him with it he hisses and runs off.

I think he's going to be a badass when he gets big though-he hates me already. No matter how slowly I approach his cage he puffs up all big and starts hissing.

he's just a little baby too.

I can just imagine him when he's big... acting like the one in that video!
mine doesnt mind the camera at all. I can put it right in his face and snap a pic and he doesnt move. Its like hes almost posing for the camera.

I just watched that video. My chameleon never does that hissing sound. EVER. He does a quiet murmer that almost sounds like a baby talking. I could reach in his cage right now pull him out stick a camera in his face and have a worm in the other hand and he would continue on his business and eat his worm. I know that is abnormal but could it be a sign of mild retardation? :)

The guy at the pet store raised him from young and said he is very sociable unlike most chameleons. He then opened his cage and louie walked onto his shoulder and just chilled. He even licked his ear once.
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Another camera hater... I don't use the flash anymore and he's getting better about the camera. But he hisses at me all the time. He does NOT want to be held. But the vet told me that I MUST handle him every day so that it becomes natural to him. Not going fast is key.
He's hissing less now that every time he opens his mouth he gets a dose of antibiotics and vits. lol
He's been biting through leaves and leaving a perfect razor sharp imprint of his mouth edge. I've pressed the leaves in a book to show he's practicing. lol I hope I never bear a scar as proof of his "skill."
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