He Fell !!!!


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My baby veiled was hanging on to the side screening of his enclousure, playing some form of chameleon twister, and crash ! The poor little guy landed on the bottom of his cage. He laid there looking stunned (he landed on his belly) for a couple seconds, and then was trying to find a way up.

I happened to be sitting on the sofa nearby and saw the whole thing, so I opened his cage, and he climbed on my finger, and I put him on a low branch of his ficus.

He probably fell from about almost the top, which is 36" to the pvc bottom.

What should I look for ? Do you think he'll be ok ?
my guy fell today and it was about 30 or so inches. He just got really black and stood there but then his color cleared up and climbed back up his tree. Just look for swollen parts or not walking on a leg kinda like a dog. I hear they fall outa trees to avoid being a meal. I think he should be ok if he climbed back onto a branch after.
Most of the times chameleons fall, there are no major side effects except a bruised ego for the chameleon and a little accelerated heart rate for the owner. However, as suggested by Diezel, just keep an eye on the little guy to make sure he resumes his normal routine and feeding habits.

I wouldn't worry about it my jackson's have fallen a couple of times my veiled to. they jus drop seem stunned for a second than pop right back up looking for somthing else to climb on.
ya man hes straight. plus, survival of the fittest, if he doesnt make it he wouldnt have in the long run. you know what i mean?
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