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Lately I have been having troubles with my male veiled chameleon. He will not eat any crickets. The only thing I have to offer him are crickets superworms and in a month I will have large silkworms. Right now all he will eat are superworms. He won't pay any attention to the crickets at all. What should I do, should I just keep feeding him superworms for now or what? He could probably eat like 6 supers or more a day if I would let him. Any help would be great thank you
On the other hand, he might be spoiled because he kept getting tasty superworms instead of juicy gutloaded crickets. I usally feed my chameleon a variety of feeder insect. Cricket is the main dish, mealworms, silkworms, hornworms, roaches are just as treat for my chameleon. Always gutload your cricket.... my chameleon prefer fattened, juicy, gutloaded cricket more than skinny dry ones.
Depending on who you ask, superworms are not see as a bad staple food. Your chameleon could be bored with crickets, as was mentioned already, so my suggestion would be to keep feeding him the superworms and try adding new food items at the same time. As mentioned above, roaches, silkworms, hornworms, mantis, grasshoppers and many other insects are good options. By getting his to taste some variety, you might be able to get him to eat crickets without problems as he will see them as "new" after a while.

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