Having trouble finding greens to gutload my crickets


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She’s an Angel! She also told me where to go to get the greens I need to make some gutload myself. We sat and talked for a bit about our chams. It was a great time and I really appreciate her going out of her way to bring me these things and then she wouldn’t let me pay her! She’s an Angel I tell ya!


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Maybe I am just lazy, but my staple for the crix is a mix of powdered alfalfa and some spirulina, with a little other stuff tossed in. Ya, they get the fresh fruits and veggies, but very few greens. Their staple is the afore mentioned dry mix, along with "water gel" made with agar agar.
And they SMASH it.
(Now i'm wondering if my laziness may be having a negative effect on the chams...)


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No one really knows what the ideal combination of items is. That's why we mix it up as much as possible. It has been reported by a field observer that crickets and grass hoppers in the native range of many chams eat the grasses and that hay would be their normal gut load. Since we feed far more crickets than they get normally we try to add some value in the gut load.


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Eustis got his first taste of Dubia roaches today and he ate all but one! I had given him 8 of them. I guess he really liked them. The one he didn’t eat was on its back and not moving so that’s probably why he didn’t eat it. Thanks again to my Angel!!


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Somebody please, post a photo of unicorn feathers and the scientific name of it!!! It's making me crazy.
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