Haven't posted a pic of Kitty in awhile

you did said that Kitty is from the same lineage as Storm (the yellow and orange veiled). I am not sure if you can post any picture of him fired up? It would be really awesome to have that color like Storm.:D
Kitty looks fantastic, Brad!

Speaking of Storm, I have one of his daughters (thanks, Kevin) and she has incredible colors for a female. She is gravid right now, but will take some pics after she drops her eggs and loses the black spotty look.

Hey Heika!
Thanks.....we haven't e-mailed in awhile.
I know you have something like 7,000 chams you're raising now...can't imagine why you don't have time to e-mail me:D
Drop me a line...I'm about ready to put a care package together for
you but want to make sure you want it. (Ha!)

Drop me a line...I'm about ready to put a care package together for
you but want to make sure you want it. (Ha!)

Oh, keeper of rare bugs.. how could I not want a care package from you?!?

I will email tonight from work! Lordy, can you imagine trying to care for 7000 chameleons? Caring for my groups now is emotionally exhausting at times.. can't imagine what it would be like with that many.

Are you egg bound or do you just need to poop? Are your eyes a little sunk in, or is that my imagination.. ooh, your poo is a bit runny.. I don't think you are eating enough.. hmm.. your shed is looking terrible.. you guys are supposed to mate, not bite each other, dammit.. PARASITES! ARGHHH..

Yeah, I would probably spin out and keel over from the worry.
Word on the street is that she has 9000 actually... Tho the real number I am told is cassified information deemed so by the FBI. ;)
Heika must have a really really really big space to house all of them. How the hell she feed everyone one of them? 9000 mouth to feed...... thats like chomping 100,000 cricket in a day. Is there a way to feed cricket to chameleon automatically?
Wait.Heika, you have 7000 chameleon right now? :eek: HOLY COW!!! Are you serious Brad when you say Heika have 7000 of them?

No! And never will! No clue how big of a shop I would need to have 7000 chameleons.. haha! I have around a hundred right now, but that includes several small species and neonates.

Heika just called me earlier this evening, with bad news. She just lost about 2500 of her babies due to a power outage, putting her at only 6500.

Ignore what she says about only having 100, shes just modest.
That would be it. Now does she sell her chameleon? Or she just let them breed like rabbit and keep everything? Heika is like my godess now.:p
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