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Hey all,

I just ordered a ProMist-60 misting system from Pro Products yesterday. I tried calling them a few times but they never picked up. Do they have weird work hours/days? Also, I have sent an email but it hasnt been replied to yet....

So, I'm hoping you all can answer my questions. How long did it take from the time you placed your order, to the time it made it to your door? Reason being, I am going out of town on friday and would to have it all set up so I can be in peace while I'm away for 3 days.

Also, the system says it does not come with a "reservoir"... is this referred to as the bucket/can that catches the sprayed water? Just want to make sure I'm prepared! Thanks again guys, I cant wait! :)

That's a hard one. I've called Promist at least 20 times since dealing with them. They answered the phone 100% of the time. I wouldn't worry about it and just try to keep calling. I am not sure how many people they employ but it cannot be many. Maybe they are at a show or something. Just keep trying.

The resivor is the container that holds the water the pump will be pushing. You may or may not need another resivor to catch the drain water depending on your setup.
Thanks Koabich,

I hope they arent on vacation or something! :p I'll keep trying to call.

Interesting info on the reservior....the reason I asked is because the "PM-70 shown with various options" picture on their website has what seems to be a reservoir...and i know it says "various options" on that picture, but when I go to look at the ProMist Accessories section, I dont see a reservoir as an optional item, so I wasnt sure what parts of the picture came with the kit. Im curious to know if they even sell the reservoir since I dont see it listed on their site. Oh well, I'll just have to find I bucket elsewhere if they dont....would a regular style bucket work? Thanks again.

A regular bucket is what most people use. I don't believe they sell the reservoir anymore. I use a food grade barrel with a lid to keep the dust out, and a hole cut in the lid.

Pro Mist is very, very good about communication. If they are out of the building for some reason, they are still monitoring email and will get back to you shortly. They really are an incredible company to do business with.

Hi when I ordered my pro-mist I recieved it that same week.
They dont sell the resevoir anymore because it is to expensive to ship. It would be cheaper to buy one from your local garden store or nursery.
Thanks for the replies Heika and Maganda...

It would be great if it makes it here that fast, but my guess is that they are out of town or something, so it probably wont....i've called about 20 times today and no answer still...left a message and an email too. Anyone know their work hours by any chance?

Im sure that it'll be a blast once it gets here! I guess I'll go search for a bucket in the meantime...thanks guys and gals :)

I have nothing but good things to say about those guys. Took approx four days to get my stuff across the country.

I use a 5 gallon water bottle/jug from a water cooler set up. I have pretty hard water and I started buying the water initially until I got a filter for drinking water under the sink.

The hard water will clog up the spray nozzles if youre not carefull.
Hey guys..

I got a hold of them today after work!...

Lets just say Bob is the friendliest person I have ever spoke to! Superb customer service. He spoke with me for 20 minutes patiently, explaining the system, his company, other projects, etc and I was quite amazed to say the least! I'm sure the PM-60 will not disappoint!....and, it will be at my door this Thursday :)

Thanks again to all at ProMist and of course to all at chameleonforums.com who sold me on this system :D ...I'll let you all know what I think of it when I get back from the race in Indy this weekend!

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