Hatchling silkie ?'s


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The eggs hatched and i got tons of little ones wiggling around. I have a mulberry tree and picked some of the freshest leaves and chopped them to help but I dont see any progress that the leaves are being eaten. They eat leaves also right???? I have a couple of 1/2lb bags of chow but id hate to make a whole batch when only a fraction of it will be eaten. Any way to make a smaller batch(measurements) or soften the leaves so they can eat??? Thanks for any info. Robert
Baby silkies cannot eat fully aged mulberry leaves, their jaws are not strong enough. You either have to feed them the chow or small new leaves, the leaves that have just sprouted and are still soft. Also with the chow, only mix a portion of it and keep the rest dry. Most chows last a year while dry and about a month when already mixed, so just mix it proportionally.
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