Hatchling Pics!!! Large Pics inside

Discussion in 'General Photography' started by wst0209a, Apr 6, 2008.

  1. wst0209a

    wst0209a New Member

    Here are some pics of my new veiled chameleons that just hatched starting thursday. All of them came out yesterday. All 40!!
  2. Dean Pulcini

    Dean Pulcini Avid Member

    Baby veiled chameleons are by far the strongest hatchlings I ever seen always close to or 100% hatch rate the hatchlings are very resilient.
  3. Kecleon

    Kecleon Established Member

    Nice nice nice,really nice

    Great shot's of the hachtlings
  4. wst0209a

    wst0209a New Member

    Thank you, later I am going to take a pic to show their size? Any ideas on what to compare them to?
  5. wst0209a

    wst0209a New Member

    This is a one day old.

  6. mczoo

    mczoo New Member

    how bout a penny or dime?

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