Hatchling Chameleons

Vegas Chad

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I opened up our closet to find some eyeballs looking at me. It’s always surprising to see how small these little guys are. Laid on 6/20/09.



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Awww, congrats!! Isn't it funny how it NEVER gets old? I just had my first hatchlings arrive a little over a week ago, and it's the best thing ever!! Can't wait for many, many more!!

Texas Panther Man

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Please put me on the list for a female. I just got a pair from Dooley/Kevin that are cb and they should arrive next week. I would love to have one more female. Thanks and good luck with them. Scott


Chamalot Chameleons
Hahhahaha , I have a clutch of F2 that are hathching now.. :D 16 month incubation.

thats cool!
Wow 16 months! We have a few clutches as well. Had one egg hatch after 6 months, turned out to be a beautiful little girl

Nothing from the others.. so its wait wait wait wait

Unpredictable those carpet eggs :rolleyes:
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