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apparently these suckers hatch at room temp and with a moist paper towel. this is my second time buying them. the first time none hatched, ever. this time 1 has hatched. apparently when 1 hatches the rest hatch within 24hrs, its been almost 36hrs. what am i doing wrong?


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I got 500 twice and both times no more than 100 hatched and then 3/4 of those died right away. I followed exact directions. I'd like input too, from more than just who I bought them from.


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Kaylie, i ended up taking out the paper towel and just misting the hell out of the side of container, within 2ish hours i have 50-60 hatched out of 100, almost 4 days after they were supposed to.


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I've gotten 500 pupae a couple of times and I had a really good hatch rate both times. I use a small styrofoam cup with water crystals for moisture and another one with a mix of sugar and powdered buttermilk. I was able to keep the adult flies alive for 2 weeks and feed the majority of them off. Initially, i split out the pupae, 20 or so in 10 tubs, small glad containers about 2 1/2 inch plastic cup with a blue lid with a couple holes in it. I let those hatch out and just pop them in the fridge for 10 minutes to get them groggy, then take the lid off and close the cage door. within a minute or 2 the flies are buzzing around and they all get eaten. The rest I kept in a larger plastic container with the sugar/buttermilk mix and water crystals. I put that whole container in the fridge to be able to pull out adult flies into the small containers to feed off.


All my bbf's and house flies hatch all the time. I separate them into about 50 per 32 oz. cup (the tall ones). I use wood shavings (like saw dust) on the bottom throw a little fly food in there and then throw the pupae in there. Next, I put a thin strip of folded over paper towel (bent in half) in there for them to crawl on. No real moisture in there. Once you receive the pupae, they should hatch in 24-48 hours depending on what your room temps are. The warmer it is, the faster they hatch (and it depends on the stage that they were in where they were before you got them). I get about 100% hatch rate every time with this method.
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