has anyone?

I'm almost positive that the website you mentioned is a very reputable chameleon dealer and to answer your question I do believe it comes with a chameleon.
That's one of the site's sponsor and one of the biggest breeders in the industry. As for that package that you linked, it does not come with the panther chameleon. You need to upgrade to the complete package after you've chosen your chameleon. Their old website was much easier and clearer with the package deal. I actually bought that package by itself when I got my first cham. I wanted a Nosy Mitsio and only Vince had them. So I bought that package separately. It's a good package, but you might be able to shop around and get some or all of those stuff cheaper.
they are a site sponsor, I haven't bought from them myself but I hear they are good people (and good chameleons)

based on this:
"IMPORTANT NOTE: When upgrading to this 22 item package AND a chameleon, we extend your chameleon warranty from 7 days to 45 days!!! The longest "live guarantee" you'll find anywhere!"

it sounds like it does NOT come with the chameleon for the price of $230 HOW EVER if you buy this at the same time as you buy the chameleon they extend the guarantee on the chameleon to 45 days

seems like a pretty good starter package, the one thing I would change would be the temp gauges (I'd go digital insted of analog), you might could get it cheaper shopping around (or make some of it yourself, like the cage and dripper) how ever if this is your first chameleon and you are buying the animal from them anyway the package might be the way to go. there's tons more you'll probably want to add after you get it tho, first off being some real pants/trees
They are awesome I have 2 boys from them. I got a Nosy Be and a Ambilobe. They arrived healthy and have been great eaters right form the start, they even had great color for their age. I live in the mid west so we had to monitor the weather so shipping was safe and Liddy was wonderful about answering any questions I had.
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