Has anyone used T-Rex supplements?


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The pet shop I went into recently recommended a product called Sandfire Chameleon Dust by T-Rex to dust crickets and other insects with at every feeding.
I found it interesting because it contained most of the ingredients listed in the Wells/James/Lopez gutload recipe, like bee pollen, alfalfa, spirulana, kelp, and it also has calcium, Vit D3 and Vit A.
It's supposed to enhance the protein, as well as calcium content of feeder insects.
Here is the website link: http://www.t-rexproducts.com/Dynamic/product_detail.asp?item=83282&series=1

Does anyone have any comments/thoughts about this product?
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I have not used T-Rex. I read the whole thing. It looked pretty good. I guess the banana aspect seemed kind of pointless for a chameleon. Bananas kind of scare me to feed to small animals (especially lizards) but it will not be harmful in that form.
i have been using it since day one ,i alternate between t-rex and repti-cal and sometimes zoomed reptivite.
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