Hardiest species???

Out of those two the panther is the hardiest in my opinion. Jackson are less forgiven of mistakes than panthers. I have both and I find I worry and fuss a lot more with my jackson than my panther, and my panther is almost 7 years old!!
As was said, panthers can be more forgiving to mistakes but jacksonii xanths can be just as easy if you are supplying them with correct husbandry. Of course most jacksonii will be WCs which will be a whole other story. If you have a choice between a panther or well started CB jacksons then I say get what you want!
Ok then im getting a panther. Also, what length panther can eat a full size cricket?

I usually try to keep my feeders about half the wigth of the mouth. So for full grown crickets the head would be about an inch wide at the jaw. I'm sure they can eat bigger but I always play it safe.

I used this back in the day (15ish years)when I had a big collection I used this rule on pretty-much all lizards.
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