Happy Holidays From The Gang !

Happy Holidays Everyone !

I hope you all have a nice and safe holiday. Happy New Year to and may god bless you all. Enjoy your friends and family.

I managed to get Dexter, Clea, and Lil' Foot for some the Holiday Shoot today...but the Leopard Gecko wasn't cooperating but she says Happy Scaly Holidays:D I hope you enjoy the pictures.

PS-Make sure you tune into ABC Family on your TV as they are playing awesome Christmas specials tonight and tomorrow. This is what i well be watching until 12 o clock tonight as i open presents at midnight because its my mothers birthday to :)




Awwww! I LOVE the Pyggy pic! That's so cute! Merry Christmas Stefan - it'll be Christmas Day in the UK in about 10 minute's time! Yay!:D
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