Happy Hatch Day to Hank


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My sweet little blue boy Hank, just turned two years old February 17th. Hank weighs 130 grams and he is the most precious and sweetest little boy. We love him dearly.

Happy Hatch Day my little love!




Baby Hank


Chameleon Enthusiast
Awe! Happy hatch-day Hank!

Happy hatchday Hank! You beautiful blue boy, you!

Happy hatch day beautiful Hank! From such a teensy adorable baby, you’ve grown into a big gorgeous man cham. 💗

Happy hatch day Hank!
What a stunner!

So cute!! I love that photo of him on the eraser. Incredible blue boy you have!! Happy hatch day to Hank!! 😍🤗🥚🥳🥳

Thank you to everyone that commented and wished Hank a happy Hatch Day! Hank is the sweetest little boy and yes he had Hatch day treats of silkworms and superworms, his favorite. ❤️
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