Happy Earth Day Cham peeps!!!


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Hope everyone already does there part aside from the one day a year we are all reminded. Our planet has been in trouble for some time now, has anyone decided to do anything different to help preserve our mother earth? I am a nut about this,,,,,, we compost, use baby G diapers, Garden (not just flowers) we use our local farmers, recycle the things we have no choice but to use. I also use the reusable grocery bags (and yes I forget at times and always request Brown paper bags) Also refuse always have, to use the small plastic bags to purchase produce! (veggie wash gets all of the nasty off):eek:


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O forgot about the red wigglier worm farm which we get some nasty stank awesome fertilizer from. Not sure how I can use all of those descriptions, bu this stuff has a stank arse oder ugh, makes a huge difference in your plants and garden though lol:p


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I use the green and blue boxes to recycle whatever they will allow to be recycled. I take all the advertising papers that come that are blank on the back and tear them in pieces to write my grocery lists and reminders on.

I take good stuff that I don't want any more to Amity or the Salvation Army or have a garage sale to recycle it.

My friends and I each get one magazine and pass them around and then when we are done with them they go to a home for seniors so they get lots of use before they go back into the green box.

I don't use insecticides unless I really really have to and then I look for ones that do the least damage. I don't use herbicides either...I hand pick the weeds in the yard and garden. Our whole town no longer sprays herbicides on the parks, etc.

We conserve water by only watering every second day in the summer according to the house numbers (even house numbers water on even days of the month). We can water newly planted grass and gardens by hand (not with sprinklers, etc.) every day though.

Our community has a clean up day every year and everyone cleans garbage out of the creeks, forests, along the sides of the road, etc.

I am guilty of using plastic bags to put fruit and veggies in when I buy them, but I reuse the bags. I also forget my bags once in a while and have to get my groceries in plastic bags....but they are supposed to be the type that biodegrade. I'm also guilty of using some green garbage bags sometimes.

I guess all we can do is try!
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