Happy birthday ????


Friendly Grasshopper
so a very special happy birthday to my fav, member you know who you are.:D
i hope you have a great day you deserve it.

I agree!

Happy Birthday Laurie! Hope you have a wonderful Birthday and you get treated like a Queen and gets lots of nice pressies....you deserve them :)
Happy Birthday to Laurie!

:)Happy Birthday Laurie! Have a great one! Thanks for being such a valuable and knowledgeable member!


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Thank you all, I was able to take one of my chameleons outside for a while today, that was a great present. Well that and the pair of quads my husband ordered:D for me that Chad will mail as soon as I have two warm days in a row. It snowed yesterday.:(
Hope you have a very special day, glad you were able to share it with your Cham friends. sorry about the snow, and I thought the weather sucks in Philly.:(
Happy Birthday Laurie! You can have a cham birthday party with all your critters :) maybe have a cricket/roach cake hehe

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