Happy birthday flux melleri babies!

LOL well i told arley it his/her bday an arley was all excited al nice an lite geen an yellow eatin some food from my hand.... but u said you wanted pics rite? arley loves to eat from my hand stays the lite colors but you bring out a camera an this is the prgression of dislike pic by pic needless to say thats why i dont take to many pics of arley...



there ya go donna enjoy ill try get moe pics later of arley not mad ta the camera for inturpting snack time...:D
that is great....light coloring for food! noticed the camera, then hating the camera! that is great that so many forum members took babies and can keep everyone updated!! who's got the next clutch??

actually whos got the next clutch of quads?? i'd happily keep the forums updated on birthdays...;)
Bought one for my sister, she said Topper had a great Birthday. Topper is short for top person in the house.:)
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