hanging up side down


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when i wake uo in the morning i have noticed my baby deremensis has been hanging up side down from the top o his cage. and also he likes to hang upside down on his branches. he doesnt stay like that all day but he does spend a good amount of time like that. should this concern me?? i was wondering if this is normal behavior for a 2 and a half month old. he started this a couple of days ago when i added more branches. at first he was very stationary but now he is a lot more active since i added the branches. the branches were bleached and put in the oven for 30 min at 450 degrees.i was just wondering if this was normal behavior and ive had him for a week and a half now.
Is he strong enough to hold his weight up, this may be a sign of MBD.
Were the branches completly dry? what was the water to bleach ratio you used?
This does not sound like normal behavior to me.

the branches were totally dry they were baked in the oven at 450 for 30 min. the amount of bleach was light becuase i bake the branchesat such a high temp alot of bleach is not needed. he holds his self up fine. he sleep regular and walks regular. he eats about two to four crickets a day and flightless fruit flies. he's not like that all the, but he does it enough for me to notice.
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