Hanging plants in screen cage??


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Is there anyway to use hanging plants (I.E. golden Pothos) in an aluminum screen 24x24x48 enclosure? If so could you post a pic so I can get some ideas. Thanks
I just put a 2x6 board the was cut to fit right on the aluminum framing on top, then screwed a plant hanger to it through the screen. It works great.
I can go get a picture but all I do is tie together some rope to made a sort of cradle to hold the plant, then either poke a small hole in the top and put the rope through the hole and tie it around a dowel sitting across the cage & extending a bit off either side or doe everything the same except make a small loop the the rope hanger and thread wire down into the cage and wrap the wire around the dowel.

i have a cage where I can get a picture so I will add that now


I used a piece of 1 by 2 and just srewed an eyelet into the board through the screen. it works great.
here is a pic of one of my cham homes,the plant is a pothos and it sits on a plant stand inside the home on lath that run across the top of the wash tubs homes are situated on(but the lath are underneath/outside the cage:) hoe the attatchments posted,if not i will try again


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grrrrrr this isnt working for me...must mean i need more coffee lol


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yes i need to re-enforce the bottoms of my houses but i keep forgetting to but longer lath when i go up town lol..its driving me nuts:eek: this system really works well though..i did have a home made stand that held both cham homes and had a drainage sytstem in place but it was so big and so tall so now im in the process of using it for an outdoor enclosure,after i modify it:) planning on moving my son to a different bedroom and eliminating the games room so i can have a whole room for my chams!! no one knows of my plans just yet heehee...but they will soon;)
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