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There are lots of variables when choosing an enclosure for a chameleon. Age, size, species, your location's environmental conditions etc. are a few. Generically speaking, many of us prefer a screen enclosure that has a PVC bottom that can be drilled for drainage.

I really like the optional 1/8x1/8 aluminum screen that www.cages.net offers. I bought one of their enclosures and also paid extra for the double-door configuration. If your critter is a Panther or Veiled and is sub-adult or older then I'd go with 24x24x48. It is about $125. Babies can be housed in screen enclosures as small as 12x18x20.

My second choice (I have several of this type) is a similar enclosure sold by many reptile supply businesses. The screen is 1/16x1/16 (possible to snag a chameleon's claw and cause toe damage). They can be found as low as $90 and are usually $100. Example: http://lllreptile.com/store/catalog...ges/-/24-x-24-x-48-inch-aluminum-screen-cage/

Some keepers use the non-aluminum Reptariums. They have their own good/bad points. Good: low cost. Bad: block more light, harder to see your critter, somewhat flimsy sturcture.

The left one is a cages.net and the other two are the lower cost screen units that I mentioned.
Ok..here's the story in a nut shell. Saturday my car broke down & I was stranded until 11pm, needless to say it's cheaper to buy a new car than fix it, so, today(Sunday) I had to car shop. I finally got the deal made & called my local pet store to see if they could get me a chameleon habitat together so I could pick it up. I made it there 10 minutes till close & they hadn't even lifted a finger to do anything. I couldn't leave without something for them so, I protested until they threw it all together & here it is. Please let me know any changes to make or if I should just throw the whole thing out
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What were the chams in before? I don't keep big chams, but my uneducated opinion is that it's not near tall enough and they could use the bottom open...i.e., a full screen enclosure instead of a tank/cage top. I think that setup would work OK for young chams; I wouldn't pitch it (but then I never pitch anything...how many tanks/filters/heaters do I have sitting around?), but I would get something bigger/airier ASAP.
I rescued them from someone that was keeping them in a sort of bird cage/sugar glider cage with no foliage, lights, or running water to drink from. I'm new to the chameleon world but anything is better than that. I usually rescue geckos and various snakes but I just couldn't leave those two behind. What is ya'lls opinion on one of those reptariums that are all mesh with the zipper? I'm going to see if I can pick one of those up tomorrow. I know I've seen them at the petstore but I have not seen the tall aluminum setups with 2 sides glass/2 sides mesh. I just didn't have time to wait for one to be shipped & had to have something imediately.
They are Senegals & are housed together for the moment until I can get more efficient individual habits for them. I have tried every pet store in town so I will have to make an order online & have them shipped
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