handling my veiled chamy...


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So I have a baby 3 month old veiled chamy... He hates when I get near him :mad: He puffs up, changes colors and hisses @ me...(he looks so cute but)

I don't want to continue stressing him out.... is this a normal behavior for veiled chamy..... Any suggestions...?

I am considering leaving him alone... I just want him to be happy?

The following are pics of him :D


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maybe try reaching in with a cricket or worm, he may associate you with feeding and become more tolerant of you. mine usually 'runs' when i try to pick him up and is pretty adapt at never letting go of his branch with all four feet [or tail].
Mine is the same way, unless I have crickets... then he moves closer to me. If I have the mister or anything other, he stays clear from me.
same problem here with professor. read the old threads about this, there is a lot of good advice about training, such as clothing color, and approach styles. good luck!
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