Hand...HAND Feeding


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This is so cool! I just got my chameleon last week.. How do you get him to hand feed? My veiled doesnt even recognize it.


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make sure the thing is flailing like a psycho bug...after the first time he knew if i put my hand under him and not to hold him it was "nom" time, even if the thing wasnt going crazy. ive really taken the time to hold him and let him get friendly w me and used to me and the surroundings. he knows if im going to pick him up, feed him, or "pet" his side. doesnt flare or get pissed unless hes in his "corner" (coverd w branches leaves)


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My male and female veiled will do the exact same thing. Its the same for me to once they recognize it they go for it and over time they know I am feeding them. It's so cool when they do it.:rolleyes: Just thought i would share as well.
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