Hand Feeding Questions


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So i want to start hand feeding my 4 month old veiled cham, now so far he has been semi aggresive towards my hand... either swells up and opens his mouth and even hisses a bit, so id like to start hand feeding him to get him used to me and learn im not there to hurt him. is there an easy way to do this? what methods did others use? just curious i guess, always wanna do things right when it comes to my cham


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my veailed has always been friendly but what i did was just put a butterworm in the palm of my hand and just held my hand very still and once he noticed the worm i slowly moved my hand into striking range, then POW!! now when i put my hand in and have no food he looks pissed.lol.
slow and nontreatening is the key

good luck hoj


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Try a small dish or container cover. Place the food on it and hold it that way he will start to get use to your hand being so close when he is eating.
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