Hail In San Diego (North Park)


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Yes yes, I know LOTS of you get snow and hate it. Lol! BUT I was SOOOO excited about this hail since it doesn't snow here in San Diego... I only get to see snow if I got up to Julian or somewhere in the mountains. It had been raining on and off all day then hailed once during the day and on and off during the night. I was too excited to remember that I had a camera during the day so only got a night shot. NOt the best but hey, it's something. ")

Here is the link to the video.
Hail at night is unsual, good thing it was small stuff, have a look at this little beauty! :)


I remember a really scary hail storm in my home town once with tennis ball sized hail.
Next day whole car yards of brand new cars looked like this (below) must have been lots of insurance claims!

The best night was actually my daughter's birthday party....the hail came down hard in the middle of the party and bounced off Mom in Law's tin patio cover. But, yeah, we had some cool weather for us. Nothing like a couple of years ago when there was hail that sat on the ground for hours in Tierrasanta and SNOW in Imperial Beach...but fun.
We used to live in the San Francisco bay area and it snowed once up in the mts by Half Moon Bay.We lived in an apartment and one of the tenents went up with his truck and loaded it snow.He then dumped it all in the driveway for all the kids to play with.I had 2 little ones then and they had a blast.I dont remember it ever hailing though

Now after living in KS for 15yrs i rather dislike snow, its cold, wet and messy.And I hate hail.
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