had to open egg today but baby veiled wont wake up!


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i had to cut open a egg today after it sweated for over 3 days then started to collapes. I then left it for another 48hrs then decided to open it as it got really bad and was told it would die if i didnt do something:(. The baby is alive and will take in air and move a little but wont wake up i have now been looking after it for 6hrs and its still alive and i can see its heart beating and if i touch its back she will move and open her mouth but wont wake up.
what do i do?
There is not much you can do. Sometimes neonates will lay around for a few days absorbing yolk before moving around.
LEAVE IT ALONE!!!! They usually just lay outside the egg for as while, like 24 hours. It will wake up when its ready.
Give it at least 24 hrs to absorb the yolk sac, then if it still isnt up and about you can encourage it to wake up by misting it heavily with warm water.

Usually they will get up straight away.
I was thinking the same thing!
And I had posted:
Seeco. Your a sic basssterrrd, with a wicked sense of humor!
And believing that is all it was...I LMAO

she is now fine, and i know have 7 little babys running round.still waiting for the rest but they are now hatching at about one a day. Thanks for all the advice!

first of all, poking it in the eye didnt work! lol
Though she is ok now, and i now have 7 little babys running around.
They seem to be hatching ok now so just letting them get on with it.
Thanks for all the advice! (some not as good as other though still made me laugh):D

Here is a couple of pics of her, one on her own and one with her with some of the others babys.

She seems like a laid back, sleepy kinda cham girl. shes cute, love her marks. glad she made it ok
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