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  1. EK chameleons

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    I wonder if anyone have a good vegetable combination which covers the chameleons nutrition needs? The vegetables im talking about will certainly be eaten by the grasshoppers which is the chameleons diet. I live in Africa, so gutloading products for insects are very hard to buy.

    If I wasnt clear enough, basicly my question is: does anyone a good gutload meny which is made of vegetable and will cover all the chameleons nutrition needs?
  2. JasonSinger

    JasonSinger New Member

    I use the following, 3-4 times a week each:

    Spirulina Powder
    Bee Pollen
    Cricket Crack
  3. kinyonga

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    I have been gutloading/feeding my crickets, superworms, etc. with a wide variety of greens (dandelions, kale, collards, endive, escarole, mustard greens, etc.) and veggies (carrots, squash, sweet potato, sweet red pepper, zucchini, etc.) for years and my veiled chameleons live to be over 6 years for the females and even longer for the males, for I can only assume that its a good way to feed/gutload them. I do supplement/dust the insects before they are given to the chameleon...but don't forget that all the insects I feed to the chameleons are captive bred and not from the wild, so they would need it. If you are only feeding them for a day or two before giving them to the chameleon, I don't think they would need to be dusted/supplemented.
  4. sandrachameleon

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    you may find this blog entry useful:
  5. fluxlizard

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    If you are gutloading grasshoppers- dark leafy green vegetation are what they eat anyway and should have what your chams need too.
  6. EK chameleons

    EK chameleons New Member

    Thank you all for comments.

    As i understood it, i dont need to gutload my grasshoppars as long as i feed them directly to the chameleon? will only this insect provide it with its nutrient needs, or do i have to find other types of insects to it as well?

    One other question about misting the plants for the chameleon to drink. I Malawi, there are a lot of chlorine in the spring water. when i am misting the plants in the cage, i am filtering the water from the spring. This SHOULD take away all the impurities in the water, but i doubt if it takes away all the chlorine. Is water with small amounts of chlorine dangerous to a chameleon?
  7. Texas Panther Man

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    It would be better if you could find at least 1-2 more feeders for your chams so they will not burn out and quit eatting grasshoppers. They need a little variety so they wont go on hunger strikes. Also your water should be fine if you are filtering it. Chlorine will go away if you leave the water in an open container exposed overnight.
  8. sandrachameleon

    sandrachameleon Chameleon Enthusiast

    You will want to gutload the grasshoppers AND supply other insects as well.

    No. Small amounts are okay.
    Chlorine can be reduced by boiling (and then allowing to cool) or by leaving the water standing in an open container for 12 ore more hours before use.
  9. EK chameleons

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    I have found some new feeders to my cham. I find both cockroachers and crickets in my garden. I will want to gut load these (think ill let the grasshoppars alone, because they are found directly from the chameleons natural habitat and then given directly to the chameleon) because they are found by night and may lose some of theire nutrition value over night. Three questions:

    Firstly, are all types of cockroachers edible. I dont know which type ive got in my garden, and therefore it is good to know if ALL types are edible for the cham.
    The grasshoppars i find, have different looks. will these result in that it is less likely for the chameleon to get tired of them?
    Is it important for the chameleon to be able to bask in the morning? the sun reaches the cage in about 10-11 pm. the temperature outside is not below 23 degrees, but could this temperatuere be able to hurt it in any way?

    thank you for answers!:)
  10. EK chameleons

    EK chameleons New Member


    This is what i plan to feed my cockroaches and crickets with:

    Bran flakes (cereals)(vitamin B)
    Carrot (Vitamin a, d)
    green beans (calcium)
    Potato (carbohydrates)
    Cabbage (vitamins, Calcium), bit unshure if the calcium is enough
    Orange Vitamin C
    Eggs (protein, fat)

    IS there something I should add? will the cockroachers/crickets eat it? Is it poisonous for the cham? does it cover all nutrition needs?
  11. EK chameleons

    EK chameleons New Member



    I have a problem. My crickets only eat gutload at night, and when i offer it at daytime, they simply dont eat it. does anyone have a clue why?

    I tried to make a gutload by adding lots of veggies, fruits, and a very "healthy" cereal made of different grains, in addition to an egg. I blended all of these in a blender and freezed it to small blocks. is this a good idea?

    thank you for all answers:)

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