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I was just reading about different gut loading ingredients and noticed that a lot of reptile (though not necessairly chameleon) keepers use "chicken laying mash" as a staple part of their gutload. I was wondering if it would be of any value to chameleons. (Please don't attack me.. I am not currently using this.. just wondering if it could be a possibility to gutload superworms and crickets, along with fresh greens and whatnot)

Here are the ingredients:
Ground corn, dehulled soybean meal, calcium carbonate, corn gluten meal, dehydrated alfalfa meal, dicalcium phosphate, wheat middlings, soybean oil, salt, cyanocobalamin, vitamin A acetate, dl-alpha tocopheryl acetate, DL-methionine, choline chloride, pyridoxine hydrochloride, calcium pantothenate, nicotinic acid, riboflavin, cholecalciferol, folic acid, menadione dimethylpyrimidinol bisulfite (source of vitamin K), manganous oxide, copper sulfate, zinc oxide, calcium iodate, cobalt carbonate, ferrous carbonate, zinc sulfate, sodium selenite.

And this is the mineral and vitamin content:

Ash, % 8.5
Calcium, % 3.28
Phosphorus, % 0.61
Phosphorus (non-phytate), % 0.41
Potassium, % 0.74
Magnesium, % 0.17
Sulfur, % 0.20
Sodium, % 0.18
Chlorine, % 0.35
Fluorine, ppm 31
Iron, ppm 290
Zinc, ppm 98
Manganese, ppm 98
Copper, ppm 13
Cobalt, ppm 0.27
Iodine, ppm 0.47
Chromium, ppm 2.4
Selenium, ppm 0.26

Carotene, ppm 8.0
Vitamin K (as menadione), ppm 0.5
Thiamin Hydrochloride, ppm 3.4
Riboflavin, ppm 15
Niacin, ppm 64
Pantothenic Acid, ppm 20
Choline Chloride, ppm 2000
Folic Acid, ppm 2.4
Pyridoxine, ppm 4.2
Biotin, ppm 0.13
B12, mcg/kg 17
Vitamin A, IU/gm 19
Vitamin D3 (added), IU/gm 3.0
Vitamin E, IU/kg 28

Here is the energy sources
Protein, % 22.089
Fat % 9.724
Carbohydrates, % 68.187

Also, I know that infant cereal and dry milk are often used. What about infant formula powder? Maybe kitten formula powder?

Sorry for the long post. I am just trying to expand my gutloading to make my feeders as nutritious as possible without having to buy a million things (like sea kelp and bee pollen) that are difficult to find and very expensive when I do mangage to find them.

Thanks for everyone's input!
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