Gular Edema?

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    Hello from a lurker who has been trying to absorb all the info i can from here.

    We have had a new chameleon for approx 3 weeks and I believe he was 4 months old when we got him. He has been fine and healthy until yesterday when I noticed he was a little lethargic and napping allot. He has had supplements daily... vitamin day 1 and 4 calcium on day 2 and 5 calcium w/d3 on day 3 and 6. I don't have the brands here with me but they were shipped with a very reputable dealer.

    My daughter has been doing the morning feeding of crickets dusted with the supliments. About 8-10 per day. He has also been getting fruit flies.

    I have 2 concerns... 1 the crickets have grown to the point of some being on the verge of large to eat and I am not sure which the daughter picked to give.
    Second I have read about the gular edema, and from the looks of his neck I think this could be the case.

    I have discontinued all supplements as of yesterday and today... just left the fruit flies in there for today, and misting more often and for longer.

    He was still lethargic this am with about 8 fruit flies still crawling around the cage, These don't usually last long. The swelling at his neck seemed less than yesterday so maybe its already getting better.

    Is lethargy and loss of appetite also signs of gular edema?

    It has been rainy and cool and dark outside so maybe this is normal. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!


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    To me it seems a little heavy on the D3 and vitamin. Brands would help us understand. Over supplementing can be as dangerous as under supplementing.
    I use the supplements in the picture below like this:
    Repcal no D3 6X weekly
    Recal with D3 2X monthly
    Herptivite 1X monthly
    Now for babies depending on species I may use Herptivite 3-4X monthly as they are growing like crazy, but for anyone over 6 months I follow the plan above. Someone once told me, and it stuck, that when you dust feeders don't shake 'n bake em, meaning you don't want white powdery feeders!
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    we have been using the rep-cal brand like you have there. Tha calcium anyway,,, one with and one without D3

    I will have to post the vitamin one when My wife gets home from work... I am on a 24 hour shift right now.

    And we pretty much have been shaking to get a coat of powder on them... It sure does seem to be difficult to get a proper dosage.

    Thanks for the quick reply.
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    I am no expert but from what i have read here and questions i asked i was supplimenting to much because i could see the change (looked like powder) in the crickets. it takes very little to lightly coat a feeder
    good luck

  5. CleanLineChameleons

    CleanLineChameleons Avid Member be honest the D3 may have a small part...but I would most likely point to 2x a week of your other vits. I would definitely lower your other vitamin supps to once a month. Also edema can take time to go down so don't expect to see things overnight.

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    thanks to all for the info.

    Is the lethargy and loss of appetite also a sign of the same problem, or would this point to something else?
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    Hes still not eating, not moving around much but appears to be drinking a little

    Any thoughts from the pics I posted, All other info as regards to living conditions etc seem to be pretty standard here, shouild I be check for anything else or looking for anything else.

    Any more info I can supply that might help or better pics?

    I will be off duty in the morning and can help more.

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