Gular Edema video on my Veiled Chameleon

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Hey guys. I have been bouncing back and fourth with SandraChameleon & Kinyonga on this issue, and they have and are being a great help. i was advised to see if anybody else had anything to say about this.

She just laid her first clucth of infertil eggs November 24th, she started getting the swollen edema signs shortly before, during and after laying and still has it. it fluctuates on and off. at large periods of time to even a day or two at a time she wont have swelling, but then it comes right back.

i was giving her a heavy dusting of plain calcium every feeding (every 2 days) for about a month before laying, she then went on the hunger strike to lay (about a week no food), and i have been giving her plain calcium every feeding since the lay.

she has a brand new reptiSUN 5.0 linear that was in replace for an reptiGLO 5.0 (3-4 months old)

shes been on 95% silkworms 5% cricket diet (hornworms have been hard to find lately) because she is just recieving stickiness back to her tongue, i want her food to be comfortable.

SandraChameleon knows my gutload so there isnt a problem with that.

could it just be water rentention? she does like to drink
She is rather swollen. How are you dusting now? Heavily, light, how many feeders? How many times with calcium, cal with d3 and vitamins? Could it be something in a mostly all silkworm diet doing this? Like a high amount of a certain vitamin or ingredient in silkworm chow?

The first thing I would suggest in this case would be to up her water intake and cut back on the dustings to see if that helps.

My Kinyongia uthmoelleri gets pretty swollen around the neck even on my normal dusting schedule for my other animals. I cut his dusting in half a while ago. The swelling is down and has stayed down since.
she has only realy been on an "all-silk" diet since she finished laying the eggs. the last 2 feedings before yesterdays were dusted with plain calcium. ive only lightly dusted with herptivite and d3 once in the last 2 weeks because that would have been her due date for it. but as posted before, i was generously dusting say 8 crickets with plain calcium while she was gravid, and then a couple times after laying and then just light dusts since. ill usually only dust one silkworm out of the 1-3 that i feed her. depending on if i give her 3 or 4 crickets along witha silkworm.
that video is a week or so old though. like i've stated before, it fluctuates, it leaves and comes back. in the video is as bad as it gets as times
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