Guide on How to build a Wooden Screen cage?

Discussion in 'Enclosures And Supplies' started by ISA my Veiled, Aug 20, 2012.

  1. ISA my Veiled

    ISA my Veiled New Member

    Does anyone know of a guide on how to build a screen cage. I know jdog has a video on how to do it but I want to use wood rather than metal framing. I know what to do sort of but I would like a guideline on how to do it. Some places are selling blue prints lol I am not very interested in those ha
  2. maxttu

    maxttu New Member

    Really? Pm those sites. I'm curious!
  3. ISA my Veiled

    ISA my Veiled New Member

    Yeah they are like anywhere from around $6.95 to like $20.00 I believe, not worth it considering I can get ideas from you guys lol I will PM you tomorrow with some links I am going to bed, talk to you tomorrow bro
  4. reptilover

    reptilover New Member

    Ive looked for the link but haven't found it. Hoj made a sweet wood cage and didn't cost alot either.. ask him about it
  5. SliK JiM

    SliK JiM New Member

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  6. ISA my Veiled

    ISA my Veiled New Member

    See I searched it but didnt find what the heck :D maybe I didn't type in the right thing for that to come up ha well thank you I will look at it now and then go to lowes :D
  7. ISA my Veiled

    ISA my Veiled New Member

    Here is all of my supplies, you can see the siding I am going to use for my next enclosure to make it easier to hang decor and foliage, I want to build these into the base...Any ideas on how and if you can even get a picture on how to do so that would be fantastic. The piece of plywood with the black rubber is going to be my base. The 8 pieces of 6ftx1inchx2inch wood are going to be the sides obviously and part of the base, I got enough I am pretty sure. What do you guys think. I will post pictures as I go. Please shoot ideas my way.

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  8. SliK JiM

    SliK JiM New Member

    Right, here is my basic idea (with cost saving in mind! :D)


    Basically, use the two large side peices to give you the structure of the unit fixed in place to the base piece and a frame top (with screen stapled to it - or joined however you want). This will give you the basic shape and give the structure all the rigidity it will need.

    Then screw on small front and back pieces to make a base like mine which you can fill with a plastic membrane etc to make the planter.

    The back will just be the screen stapled in place into the side pieces with the front being a hinged sceen door.

    It won't need many materials but i would stress that you will nee to seal the wood on the wide well (i'd use yacht varnish personally - with plenty of time to air - but there are lots of alternatives)

    Let me know your thoughts!
  9. maxttu

    maxttu New Member

    Did you get pegboard for your siding? Bad news, soon as that gets wet it's gonna start crumbling. I don't even think that you can waterproof that. They call it hardboard? What did you decide on a door?

    Edit* How will you keep the critters from getting thru the peg holes? Are you cupfeeding?
  10. ISA my Veiled

    ISA my Veiled New Member

    WEll right now I am cutting everything, using a 45 degree cut on my cutting box. I have the sides measured out to be 38 and half inch and then the sides that will connect the panels will be 25 and 3/8ths of an inch so I can fit the panel with holes into it. I wanted to make my door like reptibreeze where it doesnt take up all of the enclosure just some of it and have the panel down in the bottom if you know what I mean.
  11. ISA my Veiled

    ISA my Veiled New Member

    Yeah We will see how it goes, I will be able to fix it if it does that anyway. I will try to work on something to waterproof it but we will see. Anyway Yeah I am cupfeeding so it shouldnt be a problem.
  12. DanSB

    DanSB Avid Member

    I'm going to have to second Max on this one. Plus it is impossible to clean effectively, very porous, and will be a breeding ground for bacteria and other nasty things. Even if it doesn't fall apart immediately I would recommend against it.

    If you're not worried about escapee insects you could use some of the heavy duty PVC coated mesh for the back 1/4", or 1/2" should be fine. It is stable enough to mount things to and a zillion times easier to clean and maintain.
  13. SliK JiM

    SliK JiM New Member

    If this is the case, you will need a serious seaant/paint to make sure it is safe. A large number of coats of yaxht varnish i presume would do the trick, but maybe some kind of epoxy sealant (which can waterproof practically anything) may be a better way forward!

    I struggled to follow your idea, but pictures will help! :D
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