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Got something different around here today... Anyone guess what it is (species)?


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a friend of mine had some of these a while back very cute. ill let every one keep quessing though. Very very cute. How many were born?
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The way they came in from the importer, they started with an "F." I understand the confusion, the two species are mixed often...
Fulli really i was positive it was a werner. That is really cool. I had two females and could never find a male but thats canada for ya lol. i havent heard of many of those born.
I'm guessing Werneri...fuelleborni have "spikes" on the back and werneri have "spines"....sorry I don't know what terms to use for the difference.
I'll get some pics of the adults and post them. I thought the same thing, but the source assured me they were Fuelllie's.
Tyler, were these born under your care? I'd love to see the parents. I'd guess fuelleborni as well though. The major giveaways are the frequency of the serration on the dorsal crest, the larger scale size on the occipatal lobes and the all white circular scales along the body. Also, werneri babies seem to have larger "flaps" even at this age.

Definitely get a pic of the female. Like I said when I saw the pic, I was sure the baby was a werneri but they are very similar so at this age, I could very well be wrong. I'd love to see the female though to make sure since everyone seems to be split with their initial thoughts on the baby.

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