Growth rates Veileds vs. Others


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For anyone who has raised Veileds and other species, do you find that Veileds grow at a faster rate? I have an Oustelat who just seems to be dwarfed by a female Veiled that is 3 weeks younger. Do Panther's grow more slowly?
Hi Julirs,

I totally agree with you about velied's growth rate being faster than other species. My now 4 month old velied is much bigger then my 7 month old panther. Just a month ago, my panther was at least 1inch + longer than my velied (snout to vent). It is amazing how fast they grow.
Adult size

Hi, My veiled chameleon is approx 2 years old but still seems small. He's 18inches approx from head to tail. I was expecting him to of filed out by now but he still seems slim. He eats a lot and is really healthy. I've just upgraded his viv to a new wooden one. Can anybody tell me at what age they are classed as fully grown ans his adult size. I keep being told different ages , sizes etc. Thank you
Wow-look at the date on tihs! I can tell you I now know the answer to my question! :) Oscar did grow slowly at first, but is now quite hefty! But NOTHING grows like a Veiled!

Sue-18" is no small Veiled! At 2 years old he is full grown and certainly an adult, and very average in size. Any pictures?
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