Growth Pictures


Post some pictures of your chameleon's growth over time.
First day I had her (my first and only chameleon so far), at 5 months old:

As of today she is 7 months old. This picture was taken yesterday:


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Thanks for the kind words about Luie and Chamo he has only mated the one time.

Let's see some other growth picture. I can't be the only one that makes pictures. :)


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Wow!!!!! Luie is absolutely stunning. It's ridiculous. I love him. Amazing bright blue colors. just wow!


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Lets see, here we have most of my guys. Othello I got as an adult already and little Nautilus has barely changed since I got him, since he was also a sub-adult.

Daedalus: 2.5-3 months

Now at 8-ish months

About 2 months

Now at over a year

About 8 weeks old

Now at almost a year old

And Cerberus:
About 3 months old

Now at over a year


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I cant believe how much growth occurs in the first year. I just got a four month old veiled last weekend and I'm really hoping he develops as rapidly as some of these guys!
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