Growth in Chameleon Eye


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We have a 1 1/2 year old male veiled chameleon. He appears to have a small growth in his lower right eyelid. We initally thought it was a small piece of skin that could not be shed. However on closer examination we found that It is fleshy colored and appears to be attached to the lower lid. It is kind of tapered toward the end and almost looks like a little worm sticking in there, except that it doesn't move. I gently tried to rub on the growth to see if it would come off and it did not. In fact, a little bit of blood was produced when I did this.
The chameleon does not appear to be really bothered by the growth. He rolled his eye back a few times after I was poking at it, but overall seems not to care.
There are no other growths or weird bumps on him anywhere.
Looking for thoughts, suggestions or similar problems from people.
We do not have an exotic vet in our area, so we are kind of limited in our resources.

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