Greetings :D


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I just joined up and wanted to say HELLO :D It's nice to be here in the family of others like us. Me and the B Girl.
I have a picture I posted of the B Girl. I hope to enter it into the next picture contest. My chameleon talks. She's extremely verbal in fact and won't let me sleep until she has things to her liking. No chirpy crickets in her cage. The temp just right. Or if there is a sudden noise.. she will complain. Or if she wants the light off. She lets me know if she doesn't want things I offer her. The list goes on. She does NOT like the shower place and today for the first time, she got a bunch of yellow spots. She's kind of stressed out lately. More than just the shower I think. Anyway... that's our "more than you asked for introduction." lol Hope to meet you all soon. FaunaBgirl

Hello, Nice to meet you. I never relized chams talked. I did notice my veild Louie hissing at his crickets right before he eats them. Maybe he was giving them a heads up?:p
Hello FaunaBgirl
I don't see the picture you posted.

About your talking chameleon: I recommend not talking back, at least when other people are around. ;) :D
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