Great safe plant list

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Not a great plant list

I had originally called this "Great Plant List" because I found a list on the FL Chams website, then I was informed the list is greatly flawed. Womp womp womp.

As I scrolled down further in the search list, I saw our site. Someone had asked for a list and they were referred to our own list. Then others were saying the flchams site's list had questionable plants on it. Any further information on that? Because after pulling up a lot of the plant pictures, there are definitely a few I would love to try out, but now I'm nervous about that. I would think that a store specializing in chameleons would know what plants and safe and what aren't, right?

Input on whether or not their safe plant list is credible would be fantastic.
OK, I'm glad someone let me know it really is deeply flawed. Has anyone contacted FL Chams, seeing how they're a site sponsor and specialize in chameleons, that their list has a lot of unsafe plants? I don't know anything about any of the plants, so I can't back up my argument to them. But if someone does have info on the unsafe plants, maybe something should be said, no?
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