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:D I have great news. I already feel less stressed!

In the hope of not having to put my chams through the stress of returning in the mail, I first put and ad in my local bulletin board that came out today.

The second call I recieved was from a reptile lover...who favors exotics. He has had many chameleons and can't wait to have some more. I talked to him for a while and seemed to really know the proper way to care for a veiled.
LOL..I would have never known the proper way had it not been for this forum and everyone so willing to help!

Anyways, I talked to him a couple of times and emailed him pictures. I also told him that I do believe the chams to be dehydrated, or that is what I had been told by all of YOU cham experts!;)

He is very excited and up for the challenge of rehydrating these little guys! I am meeting him tomorrow! I am so glad that it was someone that really cares about his chams that called me. I am taking a loss and selling them for less than I paid, but it is worth it so that not even one of these will have to be put back in a box and go through the mail!

So now I am ordering my cages and getting ready for my new friends I am going to purchase from Mike!
I just had to share the good news! Thanks to everyone for their help, sympathy and advice! Tara
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Did I make everyone upset at me?

I haven't had anyone respond to this post, so I'm worried I made everyone mad by finding my chams a new home.
I'm sorry if that is the case. I had to do what was best for them and for me. I don't think that I am experienced enough to care for chams that were not healthy right from the start. I tried the shower for them. Just a few minutes, but they still did not want to drink. I am hoping to get an update soon from their new owner and am curious as to whether he was able to get them to drink. I really hope he can! Tara
Hi Tara,

I think it was a wise decision to rehome them. If you weren't comfortable with trying to nurse them back to health, then finding someone who was really is the best solution for the animals. I am sure that if you start with a young adult veiled or panther male, you will gain the experience and comfort level necessary to keep more difficult animals in the future.

I think you did the right thing in finding someone experienced with chameleons who could properly care for them at this time. As long as the buyer was fully aware they were dehydrated I don't see a problem with it. You are lucky to find someone to fit those qualifications. I think you understand now how difficult it is to properly care for a cham and the importance of an optimal cage setup from day one. If you do decide to purchase a new chameleon, I think you will be more successful.
I think it show that you loved them very much to be able to give them up. It shows that their welfare means every thing to you!! I think you are a great mom

What a relief!

I'm glad you all feel that way! I miss them already though. I have been talking with Mike at FLChams and hope to purchase from him soon. I am not scared to purchase now, expecially since Mike come highly recommended.
My daughter found out today that they are gone and it took a while to get her to stop crying.:eek:

I HOPE to get my cages by the end of next week and get everything set up.
I'll keep you guys "posted" LOL LOL :D Tara

I have been out of the loop for awhile :eek: and just read this thread. I assume that by now you have met the guy and transferred the chams? Did you get to see his house? I only ask that b/c it can give you an idea of care.

Anyway, I commend you for owning up to your own shortcomings and look forward to you getting your older, healthy chams from a reputable dealer!

I didn't get to see their new home...

I wish I had! I did however have several lengthy phone conversations with him and his wife. They are reptile lovers and have several right now. He said that he had successfully kept 2 other chams before these.
Now I know I am not as knowledgable as every one else on here, but I have picked up a few things, so I tested his knowledge of chams. He seemed to know all about screen enclosures, proper lighting and humidity as well as what to feed them.
I was really suprised that someone who actually would give them a proper home, responded to my ad. I'd expected to hear from people the just thought it would be "cool" to have one, but wouldn't care for them properly.
I hope he sends me some pictures of them soon! Tara
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