Great Googly Boogly!!!


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Okay, we have 7 hatchlings and 4 sweating eggs and 32 more eggs looking good..............I am overwhelmed by this experience!! This is GREAT!!!
Taking pics of all the excitement, even had 2 of the babies crawl out of their eggs right in my hand!!! I was being an over protective mom and trying to wipe the vermiculite off of their heads......mainly concerned about thier eyes..... and the 2 babies decided they'd had quite enough of the egg and just crawled out onto my hand and started looking around and walking all over my hand. Husband built a cage for them so they'd have some room and we will transfer them to the new cage soon. It is amazing how they are already showing personalities. They are Veiled Chameleons by the way. Parents are Pantera & Bumble who's photos can be viewed in my album as well as pics of the first hatchling. :D

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