Gravid Veiled??


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I have a pair of veileds male and female that i have been tryin to breed for awhile now, i asked a friend of mine if she was gravid and he said yes but im not sure if she really is. So if anyone can help me with some signs i could look for to help know if she is that would be cool.
What colors is she, post some pics, you can tell by the robins egg blues and yellow streaks... and shell get fat!!:)
ok ill try...but now that i look again im not sure she is she's not showing any unusual colors she still is very turquoise and not gaining alot of weight, and to add she seems to not like the male she is with. she's always opening her mouth and moving away, but then again tody she stayed right next to him and rocked for awhile so im not sure.
You said..."she seems to not like the male she is with"...she should only be with a male long enough to mate. The stresses of the two of them being caged together all the time will lead to the demise of one or maybe both. In the wild they can move away from each a cage, they can't get far enough apart.

You said..."she's always opening her mouth and moving away, but then again tody she stayed right next to him and rocked for awhile so im not sure"...ricking opening her mouth, moving away, hissing and turning dark are all signs that she is non-receptive or gravid...and she should be separated from the male for the safety of both of them.

Top picture shows gravid coloration....but sometimes the background can be even darker...
Thanks for the info after seeing the pix i can tell sge definately tell she isnt gravid, and im working on building her another cage.... but on another note any help on how you could get them to breed??
The female needs to show that she is receptive. I hold the female outside the male's cage and watch to see what happens. The male needs to recognize her as a receptive female...not a rival male. He may do any or all of these if he does NOT regard her as a receptive female...hiss, hold one hand up near his chin, coil and uncoil his tail, lunge at her.

If she is not receptive or already gravid she will so any or all of the following...darken the background colors, hiss, sway, lunge, attack the male.

If she is receptive she will NOT show any of the things I just listed and will walk slowly away from the male, hold her body close to the branch, keep her lighter colors, etc. If she is not receptive, do NOT put her in with him...just put her back in her own cage and try again in a week or so.

If she is receptive and he recognizes her as a receptive female, then the two can be put together. You should still watch them to make sure all goes well. also, be aware that some males won't calm down and recognize the female as receptive if they can see you/the keeper.

I don't recommend breeding a female until she is at least a year old.

Good luck!
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