Gravid Veiled?


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Hi all,

I'm new to this forum but not to chameleons - but it been a while since keeping them (12+ yrs)

I have a female veiled that I cannot tell whether or not she is gravid due to her coloration. I introduced the male to her on the 17th of this month and he seemed to get the job done. The intro was done to her getting bulkier and I figured I would rather have her lay fertile vs infertile eggs. She has been chowing down all during this last month.

Female had just turned 6.5 months at introduction, male is 9.5 months. She looks smaller than most I have seen her age, as does the size of her casque.

Some addition eyes on her would help - thx

Here's her prior "look"

And now

On the 17th


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Welcome to the forums. If you mated your female then she probably has eggs. They normally lay around 30 days after mating. At 6.5 months she was way to young to breed. I always recommend waiting until both male and female are over one year old. Below is a link to my blog and a video by Dez on the laying bin. Make sure to have one in her enclosure at all times.
BTW Infertile eggs are much smaller and easier for a female to lay than fertile eggs.


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Thanks for the links. I will add the tub of top soil per your video recommendation and monitor her weight as well.
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