Gravid or fat female veiled?


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Need some expert advice. I picked up Karma from the local pet store this weekend. I'm not a fan of pet stores but felt she was meant to be mine. In September last year I was in there and saw a young female who was in with a male and she looked to be Gravid. I spoke to the manager and told him that not only did they need to move her into her own cage, but they also needed to give her a laying bin. I was in a few months ago and they had eggs incubating and when I went in on the weekend, 7 of them had hatched. Turns out I was right and the female in question was still there for sale. I decided I had to have her. It was meant to be. Hence her name - Karma!

Anyhow, despite my previous correct call, I am having trouble deciding if she has eggs now or just needs to go on a diet. Expert opinions appreciated! This is my first female. Thanks!


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I think she looks like she has eggs. Do you have the laying bin in there for her? Even if she is not, better safe than sorry and have a place for her to lay.


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Yes I have a nice bin in for her. I know they need one in at all time, so will keep one in regardless. I do think she might be a bit chubby too! Hopefully she'll lay the eggs soon and I can work on trying to give her a "rest". The pet store was keeping her basking spot up at male temps as well as overall temps too high for a female. I'm hoping to get her to stop laying for awhile to give her a good break. I'd eventually like to breed her with my male but want her well rested and nice and healthy first.
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