Gravid carpet


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Looks like "Doodle" is pregnant again. She's a cutie with perfect lateralis coloration.


Thanks guys.

I only have a half-dozen adults right now. That number will most likely go way up as the next wave of hatchlings begin. That's an annual occurrence. ;)

These current clutches are a mix of F4 and F2.

I've gotten my hydei cultures ready since the first couple clutches are probably getting close.

<sigh> I so hate you LOL (jk). Your carpets are beautiful, and I love the pictures you post.

I've been waiting over 2 years to find one in Canada -- one day perhaps.

Good luck with your upcoming hatchlings (and don't be stingey with pictures!) ;)
Kevin i am glad you got home from Florida ok. We were missing your pictures. That girl is totally lovely.
These make me drool. :) keep up the good work! How many generations have you gotten to with only cb animals?
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