grass hoppers in Ontario


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iv been tryin to look up grass hopers in Ontario canada , to see if they are toxic to my veild chameleons , my buddie has a farm and when im usually out there on the weekends there is tonnes of them im pretty sure they are short horned hoppers they are almost a lime green with say a light yellow under body and a lil orange on the legs and sides , and no one out there sprays there lawns so i was wondering if any one knew if they are ok to feed and if not that ok ill keep feeding my crixs and silkies
Is this what they look like?

Here are some species found in Ontario....but they differ from your description...if you check the bottom site out it will show you a list of grasshoppers and you can check each one out...maybe you will find the one you are talking about there..

As far as which ones are toxic....I don't concern would not only be whether the grasshopper is toxic...but it might eat might be toxic.
oh yea its definitly the red legged hopper , thanks alot kinyonga thats was helpful , but do you know of a site that i can find out if i can feed them , cause theres tonnes of them and it would it sure would save on a few bucks
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