Graceful Chameleon won't eat


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I recently bought a graceful chameleon and she ate pretty well for the first few days. I am dusting the crickets in calcium with vitamin D3. I haven't seen her eat for 2 days. She will look at the crickets but won't eat at all. Is she just not hungry? help?

Is she an adult? If so, yes adults will go a day or even a few days without eating. I would suggest pulling the crickets from the cage and waiting a day before putting new, well fed crickets in with her.

As she's just almost certainly a wild caught animal, you might want to get a fecal test done for parasites. It's common for those caught in the wild to have parasites and they can lead to problems later. Even a vet that doesn't specialize in reptiles should be able to do this for you, so if you have a family vet, give them a call.

In general, people here suggest calcium without D3 every day and calcium with D3 twice a month. That's sort of based on Veileds and Panthers though, so might not apply. However, it sort of seems those species tolerate the supplements better than others, so I would really suggest you get some calcium without D3.

You probably also want to find a vitamin supplement to use a couple of times a month (not daily).
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