got some crickets and half are dead


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I ordered some crickets from one of the site sponsors.
but half of the order if not more were doa.
Im dissapointed but im sure the site i ordered from will replace them for me.
This is my first order of crickets ever.

the other half seem to be fine.
I have them in a medium size plastic container with screen sides.

i have a mixture of different fruits and veges, along with flukers quincher.
but my crickets seem to be drown on the flukers.
is there a way to prevent this?
also these are 1/4" crickets.

i havent got my chameleon yet, he'll be here Tuesday. I just dont want all the crickets to be dead when he gets here and have no food for him.

it might be helpful if some can show some pics of there cricket setup so i can see what i need to fix.

thanks for any answer
You can see this thread about keeping them alive over a period of time, and this thread about what kind of container to keep them in when they're big enough.

Weird that your crickets drown on the quencher cubes...maybe you're putting in too many? For the crickets that small I put 1 big chunk in a bottle lid for mine and haven't had any drown in it. Now 1cm of water will certainly do it! ...stupid bugs....

My first ever order of crickets was 100% dead! But the vendors are good about replacing them when that happens and I certainly prefer ordering them now.

Also check the link in my signature for good fruits and veggies options you can use for gutloading. Aim for higher calcium to phosphorus ratio and avoid oxalates and goitrogens.
the site i got it from had a quarantee
in order to get and keep a guarantee
1.) I had to get over night shipping(next day air) = i did this
2.) temps while in transit must be above 25 degrees F = and it was right at 32
3.) i must contact them withing 24 hours of package being received
but number 3 on this list, i cant get a hold of anyone, i received my package today at 2:15 pm, and i emailed almost immediately, but i never got a response.
come to find out they arent open on weekends, and no one will be in till monday.

according to their agreement if i cant get ahold of anyone within 24hrs of package delivery the guarantee is void. i hope this doesn't count for weekends.
As long as you sent an email then you have documentation that you at least tried to contact them and they should honor it. In my experience the companies are good at taking care of issues like that.

Just before it can't discuss issues or conflicts you're having with particular vendors on the forums so just don't give more details or names than you must. :)
thanks ferretinmyshoe

ok yea i have to much quencher in my tub.
I'm not mad about it, its just disappointing that they all arrived dead like that.

i just took out the extra quencher, and put a small piece in a mountain dew lid
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