Got new Veiled male!!!


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Hey all,

I got a new male from a breeder where I live I was gona get a baby but then when I told about my females he said I could take 1 of his big males for the same price!! of R900!!!!
So I wanted to let my fems see him and the 1 in the thread I mentioned about the weights etc went black with blue and orange spots so I think she has infertile eggs and should lay in a few weeks thats why she regected him but the other just walked away, today I put the fem that wasent black with the male and the male pays no attention to her at all so I want to know from you guys and gals whats up? :confused:
I already set up a egglaying box with sand mixed with pooting soil and vermicultie so when my other female starts sitting at the bottom I will put her in but how long do I leave her in for?

I didnt know If I should put this in breeding or discussion:p
Oh and my fems are in perfect condition.

Appreciate any help.


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A little late for you now, but I always recommend quarantining all new chameleons for at least 6 weeks before they are put in the same room, let alone the same cage. You never know what the new one might have picked up along the way.

I don't move the females to the large egglaying set up I have until they are intent on digging to lay the eggs. They should then stay there until they lay the long as its within a suitable time frame. Some females won't lay their eggs in the larger container....and may have to be moved back to the cage. This is something you have to figure out as you go along...its hard for any one to explain exactly how to know.

IMHO, any egglaying female should have a suitable place in her cage to dig to show you that she needs to lay all don't want to miss the subtle indications that she needs to lay the eggs.


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Kinyonga is right. Go get the laying bin and put it in her cage right now! Did you do it yet? lol. Seriously, don't wait until you "think" she is ready, put one in there now even if it is too small, at least you will know for sure she is ready and then you can move her to a bigger one. That has saved my girls more times than i can say. It just happened today. I didn't think she was gravid because i thought she had a miscarriage about 1 week ago and i thought she was acting a little strange so i made sure i moistened the laying bin and sure enough she was in there by 11 am. And i didn't feel any eggs last night. Surprise.



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Males often won't pay attention to females that don't show colors indicating that they are receptive to breeding. I would not keep a male and female together in the same enclosure unless both are in breeding mode. Even if they are in breeding mode, the amount of time that they spend together shouldn't be longer than a day or two on end.

I hate to say it, but frankly chameleon breeding is fairly complicated compared to pets like leopard geckos and beardies. If only they were a bit more social...


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Hey when I saw the post about putting it in now I did, but I didnt put the big 1 i setup because its 2 big so I put the same mixture of sand, etc into a fishtank that can fit in her cage.
But I had to take the live plant out otherwise it all wouldnt fit, Ill put it back in after she has laid.
What do you think?
Ok so if shes had eggs for 3-4 weeks when will she drop them?
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