Got my Veiled Today!


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Hello got my Veiled Chameleon today!! His name is Neo..he is currently at the top of his cage by the Sunglow light chillin on the wire to the thermometer....he has apparently already decided that is his favorite spot...tried to feed em earlier but he would have none of it so i just let loose a few crickets in the bottom of his cage which after a while he finally decided to stalk them..i dont know if he ate them but i dont see them anymore gonna go with yes he ate them...
so be prepared for a slew of posts by me about em seeing as how he is my first cham and ill definitely be posting any future questions or concers ill have..



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picked him up from my where i work....Petland.....i had been keping my eyes on him for about a week now so i finally decided to give in :)


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i have a nice cage set up for em he is still young so he is in an exotera terrarium


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just to tell you if your using any kind of glass for your chameleon be prepared to be chewed out by like 99 percent of people on this site lol. I honestly don't mind if you use one of those cages just make sure to not have any substrate as that will grow mold and spread bacteria really fast. And be prepared to up size the cage because veilds grow really fast. Other than that, your new guy looks sweet. It looks like he has yellow along his spine, I would like to see more pictures of him, and best of luck.


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No one is going to "chew you out" for having a glass cage. The OP mentioned he was still small enough for an exo terra so it sounds like they have plans for another cage type in the future. Keeping babies in glass cages is common practice. But of course that cage won't be big enough for an adult veiled so if it's still in there at full size we might make suggestions. ;)


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well said ferret, im getting tired of this glass issue, i use glass and i know some others do as well with great success,


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Yes i am verrrrryyy much aware that the glass cage he is in atm is very much is a 18x18x24 glass terrarium but i keep it well ventilated. He is still very much a baby cham maybe 4inchs long tops after 6-9 months depending on his size he will be getting an upgrade to an all mesh enclosure....and i am currently not using any substrate i just have some cage carpet in there...and i am aware that people do not like the whole glass issue....but cuz he is still a baby and currently still getting used to his cage he should be ok for a few months in the cage i have for em.


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I have mine in a Eco Terra 18x18x18 and my Cham is 3-4 months old and he is doing fantastic. My friend got one from the same person as mine and her Cham is in a small 18x18x24 Eco Terra mesh and her Cham is not doing as well as mine but she is having a really hard time keeping the temps high enough in the wire mesh verses my all glass enclosure. I do recommend for baby Chams to be in an all glass with some screen , the whole top of mine is screen.

I plan to upgrade also once I feel my baby is ready for a bigger housing.

Congrats on your new sweet baby.
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