Got my humidity system done, pics inside


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put all this together today, took about 2 hours. I used 1" PVC for the whole system, works great, easier than I thought to do to! I havent run it long enough to see the difference but i plan on running it for 3 hours three times a day on a timer.


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Frank Castle said:
What humidifier are you using? Does it put enough mist for hydration on the plants? Thanks


Ive only ran it a little, I had to enlarge the holes in the pipe beacuse the smaller ones were clogging with moisture, and actually the mesh on top of the cage will clog too but eventually the water will drip onto the plants, after a day of the 3 cycles Ill post again to tell you how it goes. I was going to use pool hose but i like the look of the pipe better, (after I painted it to match the cage) plus It puts a more even mist across the cage. the humidity raises up pretty quick too! works great, but I think my cham is sick of me working on his house.:p
If you run it that long that many times a day then you are definitely going to have problems having it clog. My setup is very similar and I run it several times a day at 20 minutes a time. This gives it enough time to dry between cycles so it doesn’t clog. I also have a mist system run in-between as well.

Is the humidity at your place that low? It’s really important for the cage to completely dry between cycles too – or else standing water (especially on the foliage) will promote mold.

If you really have problems with humidity, consider a mist system – that won’t clog like the PVC.

Lastly, (I’m sure your aware of this but still have to mention) make sure you keep the humidifier and the PVC clean. Taking down the PVC at night so that it can dry out will help.

Does it put enough mist for hydration on the plants?
No. It might create a few drop over time, but will not be enough for daily hydration. At least this has been my experience.

I have a very similar setup. I don't have it on a timer, but probably use for similar time periods as roo above.
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Ok , I cut back on the times some, Im trying to keep the humidity in the 60's, If i leave it on for long like I tried today it gets into the 80% range:eek: , I thought my guy didnt like the mist at first but I had a feeding cup on the right side of the cage and he stayed pretty sheltered under a plant on the left, I took it out today and hes perched in the mist and traveling all over his cage again so that makes me feel better.
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