Got good news today


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First totally clean fecal since Beau’s coccidia diagnosis! I’ve thrown out hundreds in supplies I deemed tainted (much to my fiance’s horror), as well as plants and feeder insects. I’ve washed my hands bloody. I’ve been spraying down everything in the immediate vicinity of Beau’s cage with 40 volume peroxide and then rinsed it all down AGAIN with soap and hot water. That my fiancé hasn’t attempted to have me committed is a miracle in and of itself (although, if he were going to do that, it absolutely would have happened in the early Covid days when I wouldn’t even let him bring in a jug of water he just bought without wiping it down with Lysol). Beau and I have worked so hard for just *ONE* clean fecal and we finally got it today 😭

Anyway.. Had to share lol


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That is incredible news! Congratulations!!🥳🥳🥳🥳

I am so happy to hear that this nightmare is finally over for you! Now you can finally relax a bit. Even though you had to go through this horrible ordeal, you came out of it a much more experienced keeper. As a forum member, I am proud of you! Keep up the good work!


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Even though you had to go through this horrible ordeal, you came out of it a much more experienced keeper.
God, ain’t THAT the truth 🤣

thank you so much for the kind words and support! As of July 28th, Beau will have been in my care for a year. I did so much panicking those first 6 months or so, and I can now say without absolutely certainty that I don’t panic over much of anymore. I want to say that @Klyde O'Scope mentioned learning to look for roses instead of assuming there are aphids, and I’ve found that to be entirely true in regards to chameleon keeping.

Something else that I’ve learned about this hobby is that community is everything. Make friends - get to know other people with chameleon experience. I don’t think Beau and I would have got the results we did today had it not been for the immense kindness and support of others within the hobby. 💖


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That’s excellent news! Your hard work paid off. Be sure to repeat the fecal in 6 to 8 weeks because they can get it again even with all the cleaning. I’ve had it happen to me.
Excellent advice, and I will absolutely be following it! I can only imagine how incredibly disheartening it was to learn your chameleon was reinfected. :( We’ve come entirely too far to get lax about it now.


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Wonderful news! I hope and pray that all of the fecals remain clean. :)

Been there, it's quite the experience. 😂 I'm glad you got a clean fecal. Fingers crossed for another!!

Yay!! I’m so happy for you! I hope all his fecals come back clear!

@MissSkittles and @Lindasjackson, I cannot thank all of you enough for the kind words! It is so very appreciated 💖 going to remain confident that not only will the next fecal still be clean, but I can finally start working on moving Beau to his new Tamura cage!

@bbyoda Thank you for th4 support and so sorry to hear you’ve got through this yourself! I feel like after surviving coccidia, you definitely develop a sense of “I’ve seen too much, I know too much“ 😂
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